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I used to wonder how I looked to other people I feel so much more confident!

Hair Loss to Hair Again

If you are concerned about the thickness or the loss of your natural hair then our ‘Hair Loss to Hair Again’ fibre enhance memory system can help you re-build your confidence and feel years younger. 

Our recovery package can be applied in the privacy of your own home and is suitable for male or female. There is no need for expensive consultation or hair transplant systems. Our fibre memory system has been scientifically developed to give you a natural looking full head of hair which will blend into your own hair to give you the look that you always wanted.

Fuller Looking Hair

You will have fuller looking hair in seconds and conceal the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. One of our advise team has been supplying hair replacement products since 1965 with 50 years of experience that we can give our clients. to help them rise to new levels of confidence. We have been involved in supplying to stage, screen and film and TV stars. A lot of famous personalities take advantage of having hair again!

Many Benefits

We have many years experience in hair thickening products and scientifically developed this product to give you a natural looking fuller head of hair for male of female. It will give you a thicker fuller looking hair in seconds and help conceal the appearance of baldness or thinning of fine hair. It can be used for all normal lifestyle activities including sport (not suitable for under water swimming) Resistant to wind rain and perspiration. If you have had a hair transplant then the fibres will compliment thickness even more. You can benefit you even if you have very thin or fine hair. Depending on the amount of thinning hair you have the hair fibre package will last you months. The fibres are very light and unlike other products on the market. They will not weigh down your hair and you can comb your hair into any style! The hair loss fibres can be used where ever and whenever you wish

Salon Size Hair Spray 250ml

Our professional water based hair spray for ladies and gentlemen is a non aerosol water based holding spray which does not leave the small particles of shellac. 10 Years in development this is the best type of hair holding spray to keep hair looking at its best and in the best condition.

Handbag Size Hair Spray 100ml

We can help you stop hair loss by using our water based gentle hold styling hair spray system.
•No more using dramatic aerosol pressurised hair sprays
•No particle buildup which can encourage dandruff
•Keep your hair styled all day
•No more having to comb or brush your hair during the day which advances hair loss
•Easy to comb or brush out when you want to restyle your hair

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Choose the colour closest to your own hair colour and then when ordering the ‘Instant Hair Care Hair Loss Recovery Package’  make that selection in the order process

Benefit From Our Extensive Experience

We have more than 45 years of experience and innovation to provide our customers with the world’s leading hair replacement systems and strive to be 2 steps ahead of others in the field

Call our consultant to provide further information on any of the following:

  • Human hair and fibre hairpiece systems
  • Hair tattoo (micropigmentation)
  • Hair transplantation

Order Easily

Simply choose your colour on the order page and this package can be sent to you in the next couple of days by our expert team whom would also be more than happy to answer any questions. ORDER above NOW - Enquire for Salon and bulk order prices.

Call Advice Line

We are available by telephone on 00 44 (0)1246 436984 or email with advice and help for you to overcome your hair loss problem.


INGREDIENTS for hair spray
Alcohol Denat….Aqua

Parfume.Panthenol. Benzophenone 4
PEG-12 Demethicone. Linalool.
Lemonene.. Hydroxycitronellal.
Hyroxyisohexyl. 3-Cycloexene
Ceraniol. Alpha-Methyl. Lanone
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Caution Flamable
0044 (0)1246 436984